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By going to the "My Plans" tab, you can manage your Utobo billing information and view:

  • My Plans - here, you can see your current utobo subscription
  • Cancel Membership - if you want to cancel your subscription with Utobo, click on the Cancel Membership link and tell us the reason for the cancellation. That's it. 
  • Change Plan - you have the option to change your Price Plan at any time if you decide that you need more to expand your Institute or less if you want to scale back
  • Enter Coupon Code - if you have a coupon or you have received a new coupon code during your subscription, you can apply it here at any time, and you will get a discount on the next billing cycle
  • Payment Gateways - here, you can set up payment gateways of your choice for your Institute to receive payments from your students. For now, we support the following: 
    • Stripe
    • Offline Pay 

Note: A Price Plan change will apply after the current billing cycle ends.

Download your Invoice

By going to the "Invoices" tab, you can download your invoices: